Administrative Law and Fight against Climate Change: local answers to a global challenge

2nd Meeting of the Network “The Future of Administrative Law”

Limoges, 21st – 22nd June 2019

The workshop aims at providing for analysis and comments on the mobilization of Administrative Law in order to increase the awareness of challenges related to the fight against climate change in local decision-making process. From a general point of view, these challenges are included in local public action, following strategies and programs developed at national, European and International levels. Furthermore, promotion of general interest is a core feature of Administrative Law, and fighting against climate change should fall within its objectives. However, the analysis of the procedures and instruments relevant for the local decision-making process tends to show that the inclusion of this challenge is most often lacking, since it is not fully corresponding to the general promotion of environmental protection. The workshop will then open discussion on the consequences of the promotion of the fight against climate change on Administrative Law, and on answers that Administrative Law could bring to face this challenge.


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