Law Clinic

A key actor of strategic litigation in Anglo-American law are law clinics which, in the field of human rights, work to promote these rights by helping to prepare real cases. In a law clinic, students, supervised by teachers, work on specific cases. These clinics make it possible to apply the theoretical teachings and practical exercises to specific cases, putting the students directly in touch with practitioners and the persons represented. Clinical teaching of law thus effectively complements the classical teaching of law while promoting the application of fundamental rights. It also makes it possible to conduct scientific research on the changes in contemporary law and on law as a tool for social change. Scholars point to the social role and the support to communities that law clinics offer. The pedagogical, scientific and social interest explains its growing success in many countries.

The clinic is coordinated by :

annemie Annemie Schaus

vincent_letellier Vincent Letellier

Damien_ScaliaDamien Scalia

The clinic is part of the MA2 Course of Argumentation in Rights and Liberties, in the public and international law orientation (10 ECTS ). The clinic is a member of the Francophone Legal Clinics Network  (

The cases handled may be strategic litigation cases carried out by NGOs and associations to strengthen human rights. As such, the ULB human rights clinic maintains collaborations with the Walloon Network for the Fight Against Poverty, the FGTB, the League of Human Rights, the Tenants’ Association, the European Democratic Lawyers, Youth Rights Service and others. Various consultations were thus drafted by the clinic. Radio talk about the clinic (in French) here